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Past Issues
Patient Safety Picks - Vol.1 (I), December 2004
Patient Safety Picks Vol 1 (2) February 2005
Patient Safety Picks - Vol 1 (3), April May 2005
Patient Safety Picks

Patient Safety Picks
April / May  2005
Volume 1, Issue 3
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
From the Editor|

Welcome to the third edition of Patient Safety Picks an electronic newsletter of the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Libraries in partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  This free electronic newsletter is designed to alert you to recent information about patient safety including new books, websites, articles, and audiovisual resources.  

We are also interested in receiving information about any patient safety projects, initiatives, or workshops that are occurring in Manitoba.  If you would like to share with others, please contact the editor so that your information can be included in the next edition. 

The newsletter is currently distributed to a broad list of emails.  However, this will continue only for a few more issues.  If you wish to continue receiving the information, please subscribe by going to: http://lists.umanitoba.ca/mailman/listinfo/patient-safety

Please take a minute to fill out a brief survey so we can gauge the value of this newsletter to you and the Winnipeg healthcare community. 

Publication Information|

Patient Safety Picks is a electronic newsletter of the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Libraries in partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  Its purpose is to alert those in the Winnipeg health community to new information resources in print, audiovisual, or electronic format about patient safety.  Patient Safety Picks is published nine times per year. 

Subscriptions are free and anyone is welcome to receive the newsletter.  Please go to:
http://lists.umanitoba.ca/mailman/listinfo/patient-safety to supply your email so that you can receive future editions.

Comments, questions, or letters to the editor should be addressed to: 
Tania Gottschalk, WRHA Librarian, Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library, 770 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, MB  R3E 0W3
Email:  tania_gottschalk@umanitoba.ca or tgottschalk@wrha.mb.ca
Phone: 789-3365 or 926-7093

Regular Contributors: Tania Gottschalk, WRHA Librarian; Rob Robson, WRHA Director of Patient Safety; and Ryan Sidorchuk, WRHA Patient Safety Officer

About the Health Sciences Libraries|

The Health Sciences Libraries support the teaching, research, and patient care activities of the staff and students of the Faculties of Dentistry, Medicine, and the Schools of Dental Hygiene and Medical Rehabilitation. 


Working with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, the University of Manitoba provides library services to six Winnipeg hospitals.  The Health Sciences Libraries now include the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library (Health Sciences Centre), and the hospital libraries of Concordia, Grace, Seven Oaks, St. Boniface, and Victoria.


The Health Sciences Libraries offer a wide range of services — including document delivery, literature searches, and training — and provide access to an extensive collection of monographs, journals, videos, and health databases.

About the WRHA|

Established in December 1999, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is one of 12 Regional Health Authorities in Manitoba responsible for coordinating health services in designated regions. The WRHA is comprised of health care providers and management professionals who coordinate, manage, deliver, allocate funds to and evaluate health care and health promotion in Winnipeg. While they report through a Board of Directors directly to the Minister of Health, they are equally accountable to the public.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is working to provide services that promote independence, wellness, treatment and care and doing it with respect. For more information about the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, search their website or contact them at: 1800-155 Carlton Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4Y1
Ph. 204.926.7000 Fax. 204.926.7007

No news has recently been announced for this section.
Nature of Things ProgramOct 29, 2004  Tania Gottschalk

Website of the Month

AHRQ "Classics" on Patient Safety

E-Book of the Month

Making Health Care Safer: A Critical Analysis of Patient Safety Practices

Recommended For Patients

Ryan Sidorchuk, Patient Safety Officer for the WRHA, recommends Parents Charting Progress in Vancouver

Featured Book

Rob Robson, Director of Patient Safety for WRHA, reviews To Do No Harm: Ensuring Patient Safety in Health Care Organizations

Journal Articles on Patient Safety

A select bibliography of articles appearing in PubMed/Medline for January to April on patient safety

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