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As part of our ongoing efforts to re-connect with FKRM grads — and to help us assemble a comprehensive alumni database — we’re hoping you’ll be willing to answer a few quick questions, which will provide us with some insight upon which to base further alumni-related initiatives.

Please take a few moments to respond to the questions below.

Your name:
Your graduating year:
Degree obtained:
1) How do you currently receive information related to the Faculty? Please check all that apply.

2) How often would you be interested in receiving communications from the Faculty?
3) What type of information would you be interested in receiving

4) How often do you take part in Faculty-related events?
NeverRarelySometimesAs often as I can
Homecoming receptions
Bison Sport events
Career Nights/Fairs
5) Would you be interested in increasing your level of participation, if more events were to be scheduled?
If so, what type of events would you be interested in?
6) As a graduate of the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management (or the Faculty of Physical Education, or Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation Studies), how engaged would you say you feel with:
Not at allSomewhatVery Engaged
Faculty members/staff
U of M/Faculty Events
Knowing what is going on
7) Would you be interested in receiving weekly email updates from the Faculty? Our weekly e-newsletters contain updates of Faculty events, awards and accomplishments, job postings, seminar schedules, Bison Sport recaps and profiles of former graduates.