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Jun 24, 2018

Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Graduate Student Lecture Series 2011-12
Posted Monday, October 24, 2011 4:58 PM

October 28, 2011. Catherine Marshall, Faculty of Human Ecology, Department of Human Nutritional Sciences. Influence of Body Image on Food Choices of Baby Boomer & Older Women.

November 4, 2011. Rachell Dolynchuk, Faculty of Arts, Department of Sociology. Music and Solidarity:  How ‘The Ballad of Chol Soo Lee’ Saved One Man’s Life and Inspired a Movement.

November 18, 2011. Jill Bucklaschuk, Faculty of Arts, Department of Sociology. Temporary Migration as a Permanent Opportunity?  Exploring Experiences of Foreign Workers through Narrative Analysis.

November 25, 2011. Amy Scott, Faculty of Arts, Department of Anthropology.  Archaeology of the Undead:  An Examination of Vampire Burials and Folklore in North Western Poland.

January 13, 2012. Carla Dandreamatteo, Faculty of Human Ecology. Exploring the Nutritional Vulnerability of Chronically and Cyclically Homeless Solvent and Non-Solvent Users.

January 20, 2012.   Sheila Simonson, Faculty of Arts, Department of English, Film and Theatre. Paper Chase:  Scripting Jack the Ripper.

January 27, 2012. Brenna Haimes-Kusumoto, Faculty of Arts, Department of Linguistics. Do Deaf Children Think in ASL When Reading in English?

February 3, 2011. Rachael Pettigrew, Family Social Sciences. "Managerial Support for Fathers? Parental Leave Use in Canada."

February 10, 2012.  Maximilian Aulinger, Faculty of Arts, Department of Native Studies. Subverting the Global Food Economy Status-Quo: the Role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Practice and Discourse of Food Sovereignty in Skownan, Anishinaabek First Nation.

February 17, 2012.  Jesse Stewart, Faculty of Arts, Department of Linguistics. Pijal Media Lengua – a Language as Unique as they come.

March 2, 2012.  Erica Jung,  Faculty of Education. The Perceptions of Academic Learning Experiences of International Graduate Students at the University of Manitoba.



12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


Iceland Board Room, 3rd Floor, Elizabeth Dafoe Library


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