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Without You, There Would Be No Way|


United Way of Winnipeg works to create opportunities for a better life for everyone.  Regardless of who we are or where we come from, there are basic things we all need for a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, income that can support a family through retirement and a healthy neighbourhood that encourages personal well-being.

United Way Winnipeg plays an important role in our community.  Fully 1/3 of our community directly benefits from their programs.  Their agencies offer programs and initiatives that provide kids with alternatives to crime, drugs and life on the streets; reduce poverty; and build safer, healthier neighbourhoods.  United Way brings together the people and resources necessary to create lasting change and to provide solutions that prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Economic uncertainty in the past year has affected us all and created even greater challenges for those already facing difficulties.  Now more than ever, we must make certain these essential resources are available for our friends, family, neighbours and co-workers.  There’s never been a more important time to support United Way.

Every dollar of your donation to United Way is invested directly back into the community, thanks to an annual grant from the Province of Manitoba.

Cupcake Day for United Way at the University of Manitoba was a huge success at both campuses! The Cupcake Corner wasn’t finished delivering and people were already buying. The Bannatyne campus sold 60 dozen mini cupcakes in under 90 minutes! Over at Fort Garry, 72 dozen mini cupcakes found a home in hungry stomachs at University Centre.  Proceeds went to each of the campus’s campaigns and additional money was donated by generous staff and students.  United Way agency partner Canadian National Institute of the Blind had an information table there along with one for Koats for Kids.


You can donate children’s winter clothing to any Perth’s or City of Winnipeg Fire Hall.


Thank you for your support!


Most employees will have received their pledge forms and it’s simple to make a donation. You choose how much, how often, and what method to use. Every dollar makes a difference.  For example, just $1 a week can support a Community Safety night, and $1 a day supports a youth program in a safe environment. We have much to be proud of: last year the U of M campaign raised $489,808! This year, let’s all rise to the challenge and increase our participation rate. Your support is a gift of hope, ensuring our community remains stable today and can emerge stronger tomorrow. 
Your pledge package includes a return envelope addressed to the United Way office on Campus (407 Admin. Bldg.) – please return your pledge through Campus mail or, if you prefer, to your canvasser.  If you are not sure who your canvasser is, have any questions regarding the completion of the pledge form or require a pledge form, e-mail




We’re extending the United Way campaign to December 16th! This coincides with our Rainbow Auction (details below).  You now have until the 16th to return pledge cards and be eligible to win Winnipeg Jets tickets.




#1 – Carroll Perich
#2 – Elly Hamedami
#3 – Bev Kein
#4 – Mary Ann Mork
#5 – Trevor Schultz
#6 – Shelley Foster
#7 – Dustin Luckwell
#8 – Stephanie McLaughlin
#9 – Shelley Halchuk
#10 – Jon Arnonsson
#11 – Shaylene Fox
#12 – Dianne Dugal
#13 – Shawn Jordan
#14 – Bonnie Pilgrim
#15 – Tara Clere
#16 – Claire Fleet
#17 – Christine Cyr
#18 – C. Johnson

Giving Levels

Annual Gift

Net Cost

Major Donor

Leaders of the Way













For further information, please click the following links:


Last year, Winnipeggers like you rose to the challenge and contributed $17.9 million dollars to the Winnipeg Campaign.  To those who have donated in the past, thank-you on behalf of all Winnipeggers and I encourage you to consider increasing your donations this year, if at all possible.  To those who haven’t donated before, please consider doing so, this year especially, because – Without You, There Would Be No Way.

For more information on the United Way Campaign, please contact: 

Marvin Kocay

Fort Garry Campus



Melanie Hamel
Fort Garry Campus

Louise Simard
Bannatyne Campus

Agatha Chandran
United Way Rep, Fort Garry
(204) 801-3749

Chris Shiffmann
United Way Rep, Bannatyne
(204) 918-0232

Tracey Henry
United Way Campaign Manager
(204) 924-4237


United Way Winnipeg|

United Way of Winnipeg’s Commitment to our Community:
United Way’s commitment to provide stable funding, encourage innovation and support long-term solutions to social needs set the organization apart in our community. Since its inception in 1965, United Way has been known as an ongoing, and often primary core funder of nearly 70 community agencies in Winnipeg.

Supporting ongoing programs and services that are delivered by reputable, knowledgeable agencies is one of the most effective ways that United Way can build a solid network of support around our community.

Creating an Impact:
We live in a city where working together for community good is a way of life, not just an ideal. We’ve seen evidence of this over the past several years as people and groups from diverse backgrounds and experiences put aside their individual pursuits to come together for the common good. We saw this on a massive scale during the 1997 flood and the Pan Am Games, and we see it every day on a smaller scale in volunteer and neighbourhood groups that are supported by United Way.

Everyone can play a part in making Winnipeg better. A gift to United Way does more and goes further, because United Way works with citizens from every sector to identify where we want to go and how we want to get there.

Through United Way our gifts of time, energy, skill and money are blended into a rich pool of expertise and financial resources that bring hope to countless individuals on a daily basis.

You and United Way do make a difference.


United Way Rainbow Auction 2010:

View the prize packages by clicking the document in the top right corner of this page!

United Way Rainbow Auction 2010:

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to the 13th Annual United Way Rainbow Auction.  Congratulations to all the winners.

The list of winners for 2010 are:

Prize 1    Kevin McEvoy
Prize 2   Melynda Chestley
Prize 3   Diane Ceparec
Prize 4   Sharon Mullen
Prize 5   Bev Godard
Prize 6   Elaine Hill
Prize 7   Brenda Schoenborn
Prize 8   Wendy Kramer
Prize 9   Karen Rodgers
Prize 10 Susan Carvell
Prize 11 Marj Lavallee
Prize 12 Sharon Berg
Prize 13 Karen D Lewandoski
Prize 14 Franc Fernandez
Prize 15 Maureen Campbell
Prize 16 Kalan Gardiner
Prize 17 Nancy Clyde
Prize 18 William Fox

If you are interested in learning more about the auction or how you can volunteer  with the United Way Rainbow Auction Committee you may contact Sylvia Lapointe by e-mail at lapoint@cc.umanitoba.ca.

No events are scheduled for this section.

2011 Prize Booklet

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