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Sep 15, 2019
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Employee survey prize winner announced
Posted Wednesday, September 28, 2011 9:58 AM
Last June, many U of M staff and faculty members took the time to complete the It’s About Us! Employee Experience Survey. This fall, the Outstanding Workplace Initiative team will review the results of the survey and share those results with the community in a plan for moving forward.

As those who completed the survey will recall, people who submitted their names at the end of the survey were entered to win one of four prizes. The winners were chosen randomly by Probe Research Inc. and have been notified. Winners Paul Nyhof, Sandra Ericastilla and Tyler Craig received U of M bookstore gift cards, while Tom Deakin took home the iPad 2.

We asked Tyler Craig, an office assistant with the Northern Social Work Program in Thompson, what he likes best about his U of M workplace.

“Thompson is a small family-friendly city with a lot of outdoor activities only a short drive away. Even though we are a part of the University of Manitoba, we have been able to keep a distinctly Northern flavour in the Northern Social Work Program. Our program has a personalized and friendly atmosphere for our staff and students which for me makes it enjoyable to come in to work every day. While the Fort Garry campus might be an eight hour drive to the south, for me it’s only a quick phone call away. When I do visit the main campus I am made to feel like a colleague and not an outsider. It is safe to say that my favourite part of working for the U of M is the fact that I am working with some very dedicated people who are devoted to making Northern Manitoba a better place to live by educating the social workers of tomorrow.”


For more information about the Outstanding Workplace Initiative, contact Rosalyn Howard or Stan Amaladas or go to the OWI website at the link below.
For more information, contact:
Lindsay Stewart Glor
Client Relations Coordinator, Internal Projects
Marketing Communications Office
Phone: (204) 474-9368
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