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Feb 19, 2019
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Upgraded bio-sciences facility officially opens
Posted Wednesday, February 8, 2012 12:58 PM
On January 27, 2012, the University of Manitoba publicly thanked the federal and provincial government for their financial support of the renovation and redevelopment of two major education and research facilities in the Faculty of Science. The Biological Sciences building and the Buller Building Science Laboratories were projects funded by the federal and provincial governments through the Knowledge Infrastructure Program (KIP).

“Investing in education and research opportunities is critical to the future success of our province,” said Premier Greg Selinger. “These new facilities are part of an impressive renaissance underway at the University of Manitoba that will benefit students and researchers for generations to come.”

“These investments created jobs in Manitoba at a critical time while simultaneously improving the infrastructure necessary for the University of Manitoba to maintain its reputation as a research leader,” said The Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety. “Our government’s support for the knowledge economy across Canada has made a short term difference in the economy and sets the foundation for future prosperity.”

The renovated Biological Science building has five new teaching labs and two, 40-seat lecture rooms which will serve 2,600 students annually from the Faculties of Science, Nursing, Kinesiology and Recreation Management, Human Ecology and Medicine.

The renovation of the Biological Sciences Building was at a cost of $13.26 million, of which KIP funding was $6.63 million and $6.63 million from the Province of Manitoba and other sources. This project converted the 30,000 sq. ft. former pharmacy building for use by biological sciences. The newly renovated and upgraded biological sciences building houses modern state-of-the-art advanced research and teaching laboratories. Upgraded laboratories expose students to leading-edge technologies that give them the level of education and hands-on science research experience they need. Biological Sciences is situated within the cluster of science buildings (physics, chemistry, etc.) on the University’s Fort Garry campus.

Buller Building Science Laboratories was $4.75 million in total, with $2.374 million in KIP funds and $2.374 million from the Province of Manitoba and other sources. This project renovated and upgraded research and teaching laboratories within the Buller Building which houses the Faculty of Science department of microbiology and a part of the faculty’s department of biological sciences. The project included restoration of the building’s classic envelope as well as upgrades to laboratories and teaching spaces.

“This improved space enhances our capacity to think, to create, to debate and discover,” said U of M president and vice-chancellor David Barnard. “Thanks to support from the federal and provincial governments, we have been able to elevate the quality of facilities we provide for our students, our faculty and our staff.”

The U of M was successful in securing KIP funding of $32 million for seven projects, more than any other post-secondary institution in Canada. KIP money paid for 50 per cent of the costs of the projects. Other funding sources were the provincial government and private donations.

As part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the Government of Canada introduced the Knowledge Infrastructure Program, a $2-billion economic stimulus measure to maintain and improve research and training facilities at Canadian universities, colleges and CEGEPs.

For the full story on the extensive renovations, see the link below.
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