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Aug 17, 2019
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Set to launch
Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 10:37 AM
A team of more than 90 students, staff and others are designing and building a satellite to be launched into space in a few years. It will be the first student-built Manitoba satellite and the first U of M satellite in space.

The U of M team consists of undergraduate and graduate students from engineering, science, business and arts that are working together on various aspects of the project. It is supported by more than 50 advisors from academia, industry, business, military and government that provide valuable feedback necessary for the success of the T-Sat project. The T-Sat students belong to the U of M Space Applications and Technology Society. They are doing it as part of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, with teams from across Canada competing for the right to send a satellite into space aboard a European rocket in a few years. So far, they’re in the lead! The U of M T-Sat team received a score of 77.6 out of 100 (first place!) for their preliminary design review.

The team is already working on detailed designs, analyzing models and building prototypes for the critical design review for February 2012. The satellite will be a completely independent shoe-box-sized device that will study tiny organisms in space and also measure energy from the sun.
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