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Restructured future students website set to go live
Posted Monday, December 12, 2011 1:59 PM
Whether they’re interested in physics or philosophy, students looking to learn more about the University of Manitoba and its programs often go online. In an effort to make that first — or second, or third — visit as informative and enjoyable as possible, the university is set to launch a restructured future students website.

“In terms of our student recruitment efforts, this website will be one of our most impactful tools,” says Jeff Adams, director of student recruitment. “The new site will provide a better user experience and will leave a positive impression of the university with prospective students.”

The restructured site, which includes a dedicated landing page for international students, will be both visually dynamic and informative. It was designed in keeping with the U of M web template, which will provide users with a seamless experience as they click across the university’s website.

Looking to engage prospective students, the future students website was developed to provide users with the maximum amount of information in the minimum amount of clicks. “In the end,” says Adams, “I’d love to have users say that they had a really easy time finding the information they needed about the University of Manitoba.”

McKim Cringan George was contracted to assist with the development and design of the restructured site, which included the creation of 100-plus program pages. These pages include a variety of program information, including a program description, links to relevant internal sites and entrance requirements. All of the program page information was provided by faculties and then formatted to have a common voice and style.

While Adams admits that the process was labour-intensive for all involved, he believes that having a complete and consistent list of programs will be key to the site’s success.

Because the site is managed by enrolment services, all of the admission requirements and high school prerequisites will be kept up to date, which is essential for students when choosing high school courses. Students will also be able to click to apply right from the site.

“What we’re really trying to do,” says Adams, “is provide all of the information we can, in a simple manner, which leaves users with a good impression of the University of Manitoba.”

While the new site was created with prospective students in mind, Adams expects it to be a great resource for parents, guidance counsellors and U of M staff as well. If asked about specific programs, particularly those outside of their own department, the website will be a quick and easy reference.

>>For further information, go to the website at the link below.


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