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National Philanthropy Day: Celebrating the impact of philanthropy
Posted Wednesday, November 9, 2011 10:19 AM
Philanthropists come in all shapes and sizes. Some give millions of dollars all at once to education, others give smaller amounts over a longer period of time to health care. The amounts and causes may change, but these people have something in common – they want to make a difference in their communities.

National Philanthropy Day is the day set aside to recognize all the generous people who give, not because they have to, but because they have a vision to make the world a better place. Celebrated on November 15, it is a day to remember the billions of dollars and hours of volunteer time that are given to non-profits and charities all around the world.

The University of Manitoba is fortunate to enjoy the support of a wide-range of people, including alumni and friends, students and parents, and faculty and staff who have chosen to support programs that have an impact in our community and globally. In 2010-2011, 530 faculty and staff gave $1.6 million to student financial aid, research, capital projects and libraries.

“I’d like to offer a resounding thank you to all who gave so generously,” said David Barnard, President and Vice-Chancellor of the university, as the 2010-2011 Faculty and Staff Giving campaign wrapped up. “Our collective dedication to the University of Manitoba on a daily basis contributes to our ability to deliver an exceptional education and conduct groundbreaking research. Your charitable giving takes this one step further.”

In fact, a lot of what happens at the University of Manitoba is made possible through the generosity of donors. Without donors there would be far fewer scholarships, bursaries and graduate fellowships to help students gain an education. Exciting capital projects like the Taché Arts Project or the new Active Living Centre wouldn’t be possible. Life-saving medical research would take far longer to make a difference in our hospitals.

“As faculty and support staff, we all do a lot for the University,” said Joanne Dyer, the university’s budget officer and co-chair of last year’s With your Gift our Story Continues campaign. “For me, a financial gift to the university supports the people in our community, it is not a gift to the operating budget. A donation, one way or another, will make a difference to at least one member of our community – a student or a researcher – on a personal level.”

“I feel it is my responsibility to give to areas that reflect my own personal values,” said Jane Watkinson, dean of Kinesiology and Recreation Management. “I do support a few different charities, especially those for vulnerable people, but I specifically give to the U of M because it’s related to what I value in my personal life and my professional life. I am convinced it is a great investment.”



Philanthropy and the U of M

- This year, the Faculty and Staff Campaign will take place during March 2012

- In 2010-2011, faculty and staff gave $1.6 million to support programs at the University of Manitoba

- Areas supported include Active Living, student financial aid, the Taché Arts Project and people’s faculties, schools or departments

- The campaign total received an over $800,000 boost in the form of a bequest from a former professor


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Stephanie Fehr
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