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Jul 22, 2019
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PC procurement program streamlines computer purchasing on campus
Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 10:43 AM
The University of Manitoba’s personal computer procurement program (PCPP) will be up and running by the end of the month, bringing with it superior prices and short delivery times on Windows PCs. The introduction of the program could mean “savings in the millions,” said Barry Tobin, a senior purchasing consultant with the university’s purchasing services department.

The program is built around an exclusive contract with Dell, which offers preferred pricing on its entire product line, including a pre-defined standard desktop unit and a couple of standard notebook configurations. These standard models will be kept in regular stock at Computers on Campus, which will be responsible for all computer orders. “These standard models will fill the needs of the majority of users,” said Carol Antrobus, manager of Computers on Campus. The specifications for the standard models will be reviewed and updated periodically by the newly established IT Procurement Operating Committee.

For those individuals who have requirements that are not met by any of the standard models, Computers on Campus can upgrade a standard model or order any product from Dell’s Business Class product line. If Computers on Campus is unable to identify a Dell product that will meet a user’s needs, the purchasing services department will source a suitable solution through standard processes. Apple products, which traditionally account for about 10 per cent of orders at the U of M, will still be available from Computers on Campus.

The preferred pricing, which comes with a substantial discount, will be available on all orders, whether it’s for one computer, or 1,000, explained Tobin. This alleviates the need for units to pool requirements to receive a volume discount and also puts an end to lengthy request for proposal (RFP) processes, cutting down the delivery cycle by weeks or even months.

Having one primary vendor, as well as standard computer models, also brings a consistency of product that is expected to streamline desktop support services across campus. “If there’s an issue happening with a computer, it will likely be a familiar issue,” said Tobin.

Service enhancement for users is again at the heart of the university’s IT Procurement Centre (ITPC), which is currently in the final planning stages. When the ITPC becomes operational in the next few months, users will benefit from streamlined process and service enhancements for the procurement of IT equipment, software and services.

For more information on ordering computers for your unit, please contact Computers on Campus at 474-7000 or go to to link below.

For further information on the PCPP or ITPC, please visit the ROSE link (below).


Concur – Not just for travel expenses!

Concur is not just a travel tool — it’s the tool that all university staff will use to get reimbursed for any out of pocket business expenses. As Concur rolls out and faculties/units go live, any U of M staff member who has made an authorized purchase or expense is required to use Concur to electronically file their expense claim.

As your unit goes live with the Concur tool, you will no longer be able to file a paper Travel and Business Expense Claim form. Your expense claim will be submitted and approved electronically. Concur features electronic imaging of receipts so you can capture an image of your receipt using your digital camera or smart phone and attach it to your claim.

To access Concur, just complete the Concur Integrated Travel Tool Access Request form and attend a training session.

Visit the Travel Services web page for information on how to submit your claim, links to forms, view the training schedule and find other Concur training resources at the link below.

For questions about claiming your business expenses, policies, etc. please call the Help Desk at 474-7944 or email Travelassistance@umanitoba.ca

For more information, contact:
Lindsay Stewart Glor
Client Relations Coordinator, Internal Projects
Marketing Communications Office
Phone: (204) 474-9368
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