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Sep 15, 2019
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U of M releases draft sustainability strategy
Posted Thursday, November 3, 2011 10:49 AM
The university recently released a draft version of its sustainability strategy, which is scheduled to be finalized in early 2012. Over the next number of weeks, faculty members, staff and students are being encouraged to take part in a variety of consultation opportunities being organized by the university’s sustainability committee. Its goal is to ensure that the final sustainability strategy accurately reflects the interests and ideas of both students and employees.

“We want a sustainability strategy that is relevant and meaningful to the university community,” says John Sinclair, chair of the university’s sustainability committee. “It needs to be something that people can embrace with confidence.”

Expansive in its reach, the draft strategy outlines visions, goals and benefits for a variety of initiatives based around both administrative processes and campus operations, including infrastructure, transportation and land use. Education also features prominently in the document, which includes some unique proposals, including internship opportunities, a for-credit summer course centred around the U of M student garden and the development of a U1 sustainability course.

“We are aware that as a sizeable institution, the University of Manitoba leaves a significant environmental footprint,” says University of Manitoba President David Barnard. “Our goal is to lessen that impact, while at the same time enhancing our work and learning environment. Having a strong sustainability strategy will ensure that we reach that goal, and will enable us to be innovators in campus sustainability.”

The draft strategy was developed by the sustainability committee in consultation with members of the university community, and has been championed by Debbie McCallum, Vice-President (Administration) and Joanne Keselman, Vice-President (Academic) and Provost. Entitled “Leading the Change”, the entire draft sustainability strategy is posted online, as is a feedback link for submitting ideas and comments electronically.

The feedback gathered through this consultation process will inform the university’s sustainability strategy, which will be released in the spring. Maire McDermott, U of M sustainability coordinator, hopes the new strategy will help bring about “a culture of sustainability” on campus. “That means that sustainability is part of everything that everybody does on campus,” she explains. “That it’s a part of what it means to work and study at the U of M.”

Find the draft sustainability strategy online at the link below.
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