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nTreePoint Guidelines
How to post news and event announcements

Let the World Know...
How nTreePoint can HELP YOU communicate with the University community

What is this nTreePoint thing?
nTreePoint is the online news and announcements section of the university's web site.

Where do I find it?
The web address for the online news is myuminfo.umanitoba.ca. nTreePoint can also be accessed via a links on the homepage and secondary level pages and via the links included in the EMEMO.

Who cares?
nTreePoint is THE place to go to find out what's happening at the U of M. It is public, meaning anyone can access it from anywhere. The main audiences for the news are: Faculty & Staff, Current Students, Prospective Students and Alumni & Visitors. All of these audiences know nTreePoint is where you go to find out what your peers are up to, what events are planned and what’s new and exciting at the U of M.

Faculty and staff receive news via the EMEMO. Current students see the news when they login to the student portal. Top news stories and all events are featured on the homepage, giving alumni, visitors and prospective students a taste of what goes on at the university.

Once an item has been posted to nTreePoint it remains in the systems database. You can search the database to research what has gone on in the past and what events are coming up in the future.

nTreePoint is easy to use. If you can surf the web, you can learn to use nTreePoint. Announcements are posted to nTreePoint using four main ‘tools’:

News tool: Allows you to use text and pictures to report on the happenings in your department. News stories are organized and displayed according to the date they are posted to nTreePoint.
Events tool: Allows you to announce upcoming events using text and images. Events are organized and displayed according to the date(s) the event happens.
Forums tool: Essentially a 'bulletin board' tool, Forums allows users to participate in online discussions - you post a message and others can reply.
Links tool: Allows you to organize links to web sites into different categories within a specific section. It is similar to managing a collection of your own favourite sites, but in this case, the sites are relevant to the section in which they are stored, not a person.

News and events are featured on the homepage and there are always new, interesting stories, pictures and video to keep readers coming back.

nTreePoint is also tied into the Student Portal. By default, when students login they see a listing of all the news and events cross-posted to the Current Students section.

nTreePoint is an online application that allows you to post information to the main news and announcements section of the U of M's web site. News is posted to the different sections of nTreePoint by nTreePoint content editors.

Procedure for becoming an nTreePoint Content Editor

  1. Get permission: If you would like to become an IP, you will need to get written permission from your dean's office or department head. Please fill out the news IP application form.
  2. Take the training: Learn the ins and outs of nTreePoint from the knowledgeable staff at IST Training. Training courses are offered mornings or afternoons through the Microcomputer center. At the end of the class you will be given access to your section of nTreePoint and you can start posting your news and announcements right away. Contact the U of M News Editor or visit the IST course registration page to register.

Other Guidelines:

Information in nTreePoint is organized in a hierarchy. The structure of the hierarchy is determined by Web Services and mirrors the organization of the university’s web site. Certain pages within the upper levels of the university’s web site pull news and event headlines and other information from nTreePoint. To ensure these pages are populated with the most current info from all of the sections within nTreePoint, content editors are required to cross-post up to sections above theirs.

However, the purpose of the hierarchy is to target individual audiences within the university community. Cross-posting should not be done for the sole purpose of increasing visibility, i.e. items cross-posted to another section must be relevant to that section’s audience.

Cross-posts will not be made visible until the owner of that section, or in the case of the topmost levels, the U of M News Editor, has approved them.

Role of the Editor
If you are not a regular user of nTreePoint and have a single event that you need to have posted, U of M news editor can post it for you. Your request must be received at least five days in advance of the event to allow us time for posting it. Send the details of your announcement to:

Final Authority regarding sections rests with the UMinfo News Editor, not nTreePoint Information Providers.

The U of M News Editor reserves the right to contact News IPs or to correct content as needed.

nTreePoint is a Centralized Service
Like the search tool, nTreePoint is a campus-wide centralized service. It is the only bulletin board, event and news tool permitted on the University web site. Any other tools created by individual departments to perform this function will be removed from the system.

Policy 238
A note about the content of your announcements and University Policy 238:

  • All pages on the University of Manitoba web site, including nTreePoint, are considered to be official University documents or communications.
  • Announcements must relate to the university community (i.e. faculty, staff or students); no personal or commercial correspondence is permitted.
  • Announcements cannot promote personal, political or religious viewpoints.
  • Must not concern fundraising, except where initiated from Private Funding. For example, a notice about a professor’s book going on sale is not appropriate, however, a notice about a presentation that professor is making on a topic relating to that book is acceptable.

(Please refer to University policy 238 for further details.)