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Subject: 2 DDR playstation mats, with blue lights, LOW PRICE!!!
Posted: August 5, 2004 1:05 PM
User: Carinah DDR LOW PRICE
Hi! i have 2 DDR playstation mats for sale!

After all that studying you need to relax and do some excercising!

These mats I have were only used twice! They have blue lights that flash where the connectors are.

Recently my brother moved away and he took the playstation, so now i can't play DDR, and so have to sell these mats.

Very cheap! 2 for only $30 bucks! Usually it retails about $69.99

if interested or have any more questions please do feel free to email me --> carinah@gmail.com Phone: 510-2883 (please leave voicemail with name & number)

If you wanted to see photos i do have them also. Just let me know and i'll email them.

SubjectDate & TimeUser
2 DDR playstation mats, with blue lights, LOW PRICE!!!  
Aug 5, 2004 1:05 PM  Carinah DDR LOW PRICE