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Jul 16, 2019

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All-time record
Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2009†2:51 PM

At the completion of the 2008-2009 season, 77 of the 306 University of Manitoba student-athletes (and set a new school all-time high: 71 was old record) qualified for CIS Academic All-Canadian status by maintaining a 3.5 grade point average or better based on a 4.5 scale in their field of study at the University of Manitoba.

The overall total of 77 Bison Sports student-athletes earning CIS Academic All-Canadian represents over 25% of the whole Bison Sports student-athlete total (306). The overall percentage of Bison Sport student-athletes named as CIS Academic All-Canadians has been at 20% or higher over the last five consecutive years.

Some major academic highlights included University of Manitoba Bisons student-athletes womenís track & field Diana King and womenís volleyball Erin Nieuwenburg completed their Bison career by earning this prestigious honour during all five consecutive eligible years. Bison student-athlete earning this honour during her first four Bison years was womenís soccer/track & field Jennifer Campbell plus eight other Bison athletes were named CIS Academic All-Canadians for a third time. Within the 77 Bisons earning the CIS recognition, 22 student-athletes reached this honour for the second time.

"It is very rewarding to see the accomplishment of a record number of Bison student-athletes achieving CIS Academic All-Canadian status," Bison Sports Athletic Director Coleen Dufresne commented. "We are very proud and congratulate these honoured young women and men who excel not only on the playing field but in the classroom."

A few highlights from the 2008-09 CIS Academic All-Canadians Bisons list:

- Bison women athletes account for 55.8% (43 of 77) of this yearís list highlighted by the womenís soccer with a record nine of 23 players (39%), womenís volleyball team had five of 14 players (35%), womenís basketball had three of 12 players (25%) and womenís hockey team had five of 21 (23%).

- 22 Bisons earned Academic All-Canadian status while studying at the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management.

-Full golf team had a record eight of 18 players (44%) while the full track and field team had 25 of 98 (25%) student-athletes on the list.

- The menís hockey team set a new record with nine players of the list (9 of 28= 32%)

- Seven of the Bison teams had at least five or more Academic All-Canadians.

- There were 26 Bison student-athletes who earned a 4.0 or higher mark (an A - 90%), which represents 33% of all Bisons as 2008-09 Academic All-Canadians.

- There were 33 multiple time winners (two or more times named to this honour).

2008-2009 University of Manitoba Bisons CIS Academic All-Canadians:

Womenís Basketball
Whitney Lodge-Zaparnick
Lauren Mortier
Maria Pawlyshyn
Menís Basketball
Ian Dickey
Eric Garcia

Doug Amouzouvi
Owen Fergusson
Thomas Hall
Nathan Jasenn

Womenís Golf
Beth Goran
Chelsea Hummelt
Faye Zachedniak

Menís Golf
Jeff Bassey
Brian Buffie
Shayne Fredborg
Jesse Skelton
Bobby Wiebe

Womenís Hockey 
Chelsea Braun
Kayla Duna
Erica Holmes
Amanda Schnell
Andi Wilgosh

Menís Hockey
Greg Beller
Chris Benias
Steve Christie
Mike Hellyer
Stephane Lenoski
Bryn Lindsay
Ben Lobb
Gavin McHale
Nolan Waker

Womenís Soccer 
Kathryn Ateah
Lianna Bestvater
Kendall Bishop
Paula Fast
Jaime Lacoste
Meagan Smith
Lesley Worsnop

Womenís Soccer/Track & Field
Dana Baker
Jennifer Campbell

Womenís Swimming
Samantha Holloway
Jenna Houssin
Landice Yestrau

Menís Swimming
Patrick Boreskie
Brett Goldhawk
Braeden Taylor

Womenís Track and Field 
Alexandra Allen
Kaeleigh Bawdon
Taralyn Cook
Diana King
Teresa Logozar
Sonya Schulzki
Megan Scott
Amelia Smandych
Claire Sparling
Deondra Twerdun
Meaghan Woo

Menís Track and Field 
Stephen Campbell
Eric Furletti
Barret Hildebrandt
Patrick Kelly
Travis Toet

Womenís Track & Field/Cross Country
Alyssa Altomare
Chantal Auger
Katrina Bruckschwaiger
Melanie Gregoire

Menís Track & Field/Cross Country
Paul Carr
Tyler Hynes
Nicholas Sader

Womenís Volleyball
Erin Nieuwenburg
Kristi Hunter
Tricia Mayba
Amy Penner
Ashley Voth

Menís Volleyball
Stefan Bouw
Dane Pischke
Derek Tyler

For more information, contact:
Chris Zuk
Bison Sports Information Officer
Sport and Active Living Centre
Phone: (204) 474-7492