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University of Manitoba

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Clerkship Gyn Presentations Eval Period 1 Cl 2013

Name of Clerk
Presentation Topic  
Name of Evaluator
Evaluation Date

Criteria -

1 - Unsatisfactory -Does not meet the standard.
2 - Satisfactory - Meets the standard.
3 - Excellent - Exceeds the standard.
4 - Not Applicable

Presentation Content
1 = Unsatisfactory*2 = Satisfactory3 = Excellent4- Not Applicable
Clear objectives or topic stated.
Demonstrated a thorough understanding of the topic presented
Material presented was logical, well organized and accurate.
Material was well researched.
Relevant clinical cases were used as evidence to support presentation.
Made effective use of information technology. (medical databases, presentation software, Internet).
Additional Comments for Gynecology Presentation
Student Strengths
Areas for Improvement