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This page contains information relating to computing facilities in the department and some of the resources provided by the University. It also contains information to software information of use to students in Civil Engineering.

University Computing Accounts (UMNet ID's)

These accounts can be claimed by using the ClaimID website. They are required for logging into JUMP, Aurora, and university computing facilities. These accounts also give you a CC email account which is required for correspondence with professors and support staff within Engineering.

You can manage your UMNet account from the UofM Account Management Page. From here you can forward your email to another account, change your password etc.

Engineering accounts for graduates and undergraduates will be created after your UMNetID has been claimed and processed by our systems.

Civil/Mechanical Engineering Computer Lab

This computer lab has been setup in Engineering 2 - 368. It contains 40 computer systems which have been setup specifically for Civil and Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students. Each term, accounts will be setup automatically if you have claimed your UMNet ID. Your username will be your UMNet account name and your password will be your student number - you will be required to change the password on first login.

The systems in the lab are capable of supporting your USB memory drives, has DVD/CD burners, and will provide a personal network storage drive accessible from within the lab.

A color printer/copier has been provided and is run on a cost recovery basis. See the Civil Engineering Office if you need to add money to your printing account.

Please Note: Food and Drink ARE NOT allowed in the lab. This will be strictly enforced.

Minerva Terminal Server

Minerva is a Remote Deskop Server which allows professors, staff and graduate students access to a number of software packages used by Civil Engineering both on and off campus. The system has 8 cores and 8 gigs of ram. Access to this system is available from any system capable of using Remote Desktop (built in to Windows XP and higher and available for Mac, Unix/Linux, and Android as an addon application).

Microsoft DreamSpark

The Department of Civil Engineering is a member of the Microsoft DreamSpark. The department pays for this license with entitles our students to a number of software packages for non-commercial use. The software is full versioned and includes packages such as Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual C++, Visual Basic etc), Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, and most of the Microsoft Operating Systems.

The program does not include Microsoft Office - this can be purchased from the University of Manitoba Bookstore or from a number of other sources.

To access this software, first you must fill out the application form and return it to the Civil Engineering Office attention to Trevor Mazak. Normally, the application will be processed within a couple days (please note that you will NOT receive an email when the application is processed so keep checking for access to the software folder). The software can be found as a mapped network drive on Engineering Connected Domain systems once your application has been processed. Further instructions can be found in the readme file in the network drive folder. To get keys (where applicable) for the software you can email Trevor Mazak.

University of Manitoba Computing Policies

Use of the network, whether with University owned equipment or not is regulated by policy. Please review the policy and procedures before using the equipment and network. You agreed to follow this policy when you setup your UMNet Account ID.

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