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project TAKENReducing Aminoglycoside ToxicityBlakleyBrianbblakley@exchange.hsc.mb.caOtolaryngology  View
project TAKENCombination Anti-viral Strategies to Inhibit Influenza virus ReplicationCoombsKevinkcoombs@cc.umanitoba.caMedical Microbiology  View
project TAKENHost-Viral Protein-Protein Interactions in Influenza virus InfectionsCoombsKevinkcoombs@cc.umanitoba.caMedical Microbiology  View
project TAKENMental Health Issues Associated with Lower Extremity Complications of DiabetesEmbilJohnjembil@hsc.mb.caInternal Medicine  View
project TAKENA Trend In The Serial Levels Of CD3 Zeta Chain In Radically Treated Head & Neck Cancer Patients Can Predict Their Disease StatusPathakK. Alokalok.pathak@cancercare.mb.caSurgery  View
project TAKENThe Role of Intra-Operative Transesophageal Echocardiographic Tissue Doppler Imaging in the Noninvasive Assessment of Pulmonary Filling Pressures during Cardiac SurgeryJassalDavinderdjassal@sbgh.mb.caInternal Medicine  View
project AVAILABLET-VISIONSrinathanSadeeshssrinathan@gmail.comSurgery  View
project TAKENPrevention of accelerated atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease in the ApoE/NOS3 double-knockout mouse model of the metabolic syndromeMoghadasianMohammedmmoghadasian@sbrc.caNot affiliated  View
project AVAILABLEThe Early Arthritis Cohort StudyHitchonCarolchitchon@hsc.mb.caInternal Medicine  View
project AVAILABLEMolecular mechanisms of immune cell electrotaxisLinFrancisflin@physics.umanitoba.caNot affiliated  View