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About the Toolkit|
Welcome to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) Health Planning Toolkit.  This toolkit has been designed to support the regional WRHA New Initiatives process, Resource Allocation and other decision-making processes. 

Finding appropriate evidence can be challenging.  This toolkit is intended to provide a single point of access to good sources of evidence to help support New Initiative and Resource Allocation submissions, and other planning activities, with current local, national and international evidence.   Evidence is broader than scientific research studies, and can include well-designed evaluations, quality improvement initiatives, and others.

This toolkit will allow you to:

  • Identify credible sources of evidence
  • Access databases to search for journal articles and relevant reports
  • Directly access journals
  • Narrow your search for internet resources with our Google Co-op feature
  • Access local, national and international data
  • Access WRHA concept papers, directional documents and evaluation reports
  • Get assistance from a librarian to locate good evidence

Resources with restricted databaserequire a current UM Library card to access. Further details are available on obtaining a card.  To learn more about effectively searching and using evidence-based resources refer to the Events section on the right-hand side for current course offerings from the UM Health Sciences Libraries.

The resources in the Tookit are divided to reflect the WRHA Review Criteria:

  • Health Burden
  • Health Gain
  • Access
  • Appropriateness
  • Consultation
  • Evaluation
Health Burden|

Locate evidence to support your case for why the problem your submission addresses should be addressed.  The evidence may include:
-Current and projected incidence or prevalence reates
-Current and projected number of persons impacted
-Impact on individual and community health

The following may assist you in retrieving the necessary evidence.  If you cannot find what you need please do not hesitate to ask for the Library to help you by requesting a Literature Search


PubMed restricted site
A key database in the health sciences produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.  To search on "Heath Burden" copy and paste the following search strategy into the Pubmed Search box.  Replace the phrase "Disease OR disorder of interest" with your topic of interest, e.g. lung cancer.  Leave in all capitalization and other punctuation.

Disease or disorder of interest AND (epidemiology OR prevalence OR incidence OR economic* OR statistic* OR morbidity OR mortality OR burden) AND "Canada"[Mesh]

The search will retrieve journal articles with a Canadian focus.



  • Manitoba siteCommunity Health Assessment Report (WRHA)
  • Manitoba site Injuries in Manitoba: A 10-Year Review. Manitoba, 2004. [PDF] - This report outlines the injury trends in Manitoba over a ten-year period from 1992-2001 and include data on both unintentional and intentional injury.
  • Manitoba siteManitoba Child Health Atlas (Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Evaluation)
  • Manitoba siteManitoba Health Statistics
  • Manitoba siteProvincial Health Indicators - Manitoba Health
  • Manitoba site Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Weekly Statistics


    Canadian site
    Canadian Cancer Statistics
    Canadian siteDiabetes in Canada 
    Canadian site
    Disease Surveillance Online
    Canadian site Economic Burden of Illness in Canada
    Canadian site
    Canadian site
    Healthy today, healthy tomorrow?
    Canadian siteHIV and AIDS in Canada
    Canadian site
    Statistics on Substance Abuse

    Grey Literature - Google Co-op Search

    This specially created Google Search extracts information from selected web-based resources that are freely available and considered to be reliable sources of scientific evidence and information relevant to the Canadian healthcare system.

    Custom Search
    The search engine was created using resources suggested by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation in the document titled Web-based Resources Providing Summaries and Syntheses of Evidence Pertinent to the Canadian Healthcare System



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