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MSc Defence|

MSc. Defence

"Long-term stand dynamics of the boreal mixed-wood forests of west-central Manitoba."

Presented by Mr. Joshua Levac
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Room 304 Biological Sciences Building


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Dr. David Schindler, Killam Memorial Chair

The Department of Biological Sciences will be hosting Dr. David Schindler, Killam Memorial Chair from the University of Alberta on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 4:00 pm in Moot Court, Robson Hall.

David Schindler is one of Canada's leading limnologists and has been the recipient of numberous Canadain and International awards for his research on aquatic ecology and impacts of human activity on freshwater ecosystems.  In this seminar, he will review several decades of experience with controlling eutrophication of lakes in Canada and elsewhere in the world.  He will review alternative perspectives on reversing eutrophication, and will present new results of whole lake experiments at the ELA.  He will also provide a summary of how climate change and increased human activity in the watershed have combined to cause the rapid eutrophication of Lake Winnipeg.

The title of Dr. Schindler's presentation is:

"Contributions of the Experimental Lakes Area to solving cultural eutrophication in Canada's freshwater lales."

Everyone is welcome to attend.



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