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About Evidence Informed Decision Making Toolkit|

Welcome to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) EIDM (Evidence-informed decision-making) Toolkit.  This toolkit has been designed to support the regional WRHA New Initiatives process, Resource Allocation and other decision-making processes. 

Finding appropriate evidence can be challenging.  This toolkit is intended to provide a single point of access to good sources of evidence (could be linked to ‘the table’) to help support New Initiative and Resource Allocation submissions, and other planning activities, with current local, national and international evidence.   Evidence is broader than scientific research studies, and can include well-designed evaluations, quality improvement initiatives, and others (see What is Evidence?). 

This toolkit will allow you to:

  • Identify credible sources of evidence
  • Access databases to search for journal articles and relevant reports
  • Directly access journals
  • Narrow your search for internet resources with our Google Co-op feature
  • Access local, national and international data
  • Access WRHA concept papers, directional documents and evaluation reports
  • Get assistance from a librarian to locate good evidence

Resources with restricted databaserequire a current UM Library card to access. Further details are available on obtaining a card.  To learn more about effectively searching and using evidence-based resources refer to the Events section on the right-hand side for current course offerings from the UM Health Sciences Libraries.

Google Co-op Search|
This specially created Google Search extracts information from selected web-based resources that are freely available and considered to be reliable sources of scientific evidence and information relevant to the Canadian healthcare system.
Custom Search
The search engine was created using resources suggested by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation in the document titled Web-based Resources Providing Summaries and Syntheses of Evidence Pertinent to the Canadian Healthcare System

All of the following resources will search acrose multiple journal articles, reports, and documents.  Contact your nearest UM Health Sciences Library for tips on good search strategies or ask a librarian to conduct a Literature Search for you.

  • Canadian Health Research Collection  restricted site
    A collection of publications from major Canadian research institutes, government agencies and university centres working in the area of health and medical research.  Full-text of all documents is available.
  • Cochrane Library restricted site
    The Cochrane Library will give you systematic reviews, economic evaluations, and health technology assessments because the database contains four important databases:
    • The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
    • The York Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness
    • Health Technology Assessment Database (produced by the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination at University of York in the U.K.) 
    • NHS Economic Evaluation Database
  • Health-Evidence.ca
    This database attempts to Identify, appraise, and make available methodologically-sound reviews of health promotion and public health interventions published from 1985 to the present. The main feature of this web site is a free, searchable online registry of systematic reviews on the effectiveness of public health and health promotion interventions.
  • Knowledge Translatation+
    The best evidence relevant to knowledge translation in the areas of quality improvement, continuing medical education, computerized clinical decision support, health services research and patient adherence, identified from over 130 premier clinical journals. All citations are pre-rated for quality by research staff at McMaster University. You must register to use the database
  • PubMed restricted site
    A key database in the health sciences produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and covering the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and the preclinical sciences. 
  • PubMed Systematic Reviews restricted site
    A special search filter in Pubmed that retrieves systematic reviews from published journal literature. 
  • Scopusrestricted site
    A multi-disciplinary abstract and citation database covering the health, life, physical and social sciences.  Incorporates  references from Pubmed, EMBASE and more. Track cited references from 1996 to search for subsequently published papers that cite an original article. Includes the SCIRUS search engine for searching science-related Web pages and institutional repositories.
  • TRIP database
    TRIP Database (Translating Research into Practice) is a meta-search engine widely used in the United Kingdom and internationally, allowing users to rapidly identify the highest quality evidence from a wide range of sources. TRIP searches sites of evidence-based medical information and gives direct, hyperlinked access to a large collection of material on the web as well as articles from premier online journals.
WRHA Reports and Papers|

The following reports and publications have been written by Research and Evaluation team members for internal distribution within the WRHA.

January 2008 Patterns of Mental Illness Disorder Diagnoses & Service Use: A Population-Based Study of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
December 2007 Non-Physician Practitioners in the Canadian Context: Background Document
September 2007 A Proposed Diversity Framework for Promoting Cultural Proficiency within the WRHA
August 2007 Parent Feedback on Assessment and Diagnosis Process for Preschool Consultation for Autism Spectrum Disorders
June 2007

Evaluation of Phase I of the WRHA MedRec Project (Full Report)

Evaluation of Phase I of the WRHA MedRec Project (Short Version)

June 2007 "Interpreting" Knowledge Into Action: Phase 1 Findings Report
January 2007

Watching Your Wait: Evidence-Informed Strategies for Reducing Healthcare Wait Times(Concept Paper)

January 2007 WRHA Community Health Assessment: Purpose, Objectives, Philosophy and Approach( Concept
May 2006 Learning from Patient Experiences: Strategies for Obtaining Patient Input. (Concept Paper)
June 2006 Health Care for Immigrants and Refugees: An Overview of Issues and Responses
July 2005 Development of a Coordinated Response to Addressing Language Barriers within the WRHA: Final Report
Sept 2004 Language Barriers with the WRHA: Evidence and Implications


The following journals may be of particular value to those in healthcare policy and administration.  These journals can be accessed electronically through the UM Health Sciences Libraries. An Electronic Table of Contents (eTOC) Service is available from the Library.  You can receive an eTOC by email for journals of interest.

Effective Health Care restricted site
Evidence Based Healthcare restricted site
Health Affairs restricted site
Health Economics restricted site
Health Forum restricted site
Health Policy  restricted site
Health Policy and Planning restricted site
Health Progress restricted site
Healthcare Informatics restricted site
Healthcare Quarterly restricted site
Healthcare Review Online - Experience in Practice restricted site
HealthcarePapers restricted site
Hospitals and Health Networks restricted site
HSR: Health Services Research restricted site
L'infirmière canadienne restricted site
International Journal for Quality in Health Carerestricted site
International Journal of Health Planning and Management restricted site
Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety restricted site

Journal of Health Economics restricted site
Journal of Health Services Research and Policy restricted site
Journal of Public Health Policy  restricted site
Milbank Quarterly restricted site
New Zealand Evidence-Based Healthcare Bulletin restricted site
Quality in Health Care restricted site

Health Statistics|

 The following resources are some of the key sources and services available to those working in healthcare in Manitoba

Local services  

Local resources  

General web sites Top

Specialized web sites Top

Full-text Statistics Resources Top


-Manitoba Centre for Health Policy Evaluation
-Canadian Institute for Health Information
-Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

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