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Subject: How to Start a Medical Recruiting Firm Healthcare Business
Posted: March 8, 2007 7:18 PM
User: Marc Bentley
Success in the Health care Recruiting / Medical Recruiting Firm Business is the process of finding a medical professional Candidate and successfully placing them in a HealthCare Oranization or Client Firm. Though the definition of what a Medical / Health care Recruiter does is simple and straightforward, the recruitment process for the most part is not. Building relationships with a Client Firm and Candidate plays an important role in the success Medical / Healthcare recruiting firm.

Associate Recruiters - The role of an associate recruiter is to assist a Healthcare / Medical Recruiting Firm in finding candidates. Although they will still play some role in the recruitment process, such as possibly pres-screening of Candidates; Their responsibilities end with the Recruiting Firm. The Recruiting Firm will handle finding the vacancies and working with Client Firms. is 50% of the Recruiting Firms Fees minus any agreed upon overhead charges. An Associate Recruiter can make upto An Associate Recruiter will have agreement contract with the recruiting firm as to what their finders fee will be. Usually the fee $15,000 per successful Candidate Placed.

There are critical shortages of healthcare professionals all across America and the number of current vacancies is astounding:

• 126,000 nurses • 10,000 pharmacists • 13,000 lab techs • 13,000 diagnostic imaging techs

And it’s going to get much worse. The leading edge of the Baby Boomer Generation --76 million strong -- is just now entering retirement age. This will put unprecedented pressure on an already under-staffed healthcare industry for years to come, forcing healthcare companies to pay billions to medical recruiters for their services.

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How to Start a Medical Recruiting Firm Healthcare Business  
Mar 8, 2007 7:18 PM  Marc Bentley