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Subject: Re: Palliative Care
Posted: April 9, 2002 8:40 PM
User: Rebecca Siemens
We would like feedback from people who have taken palliative care or are in palliative care currently. This could be in the form of positive or negative feedback. For those of you who enjoyed your experience, we would like to know why. There has been talk of removing this course from the curriculum so your feedback would be appreciated.

I very much enjoyed palliative care....in fact palliative was one of my favourite courses, both the clinical and the theory course. I am doing my senior practicum on a medicine unit that has several beds reserved for palliative care. That was one of the reasons I chose that unit...because I loved them both and couldn't make up my mine which one I wanted to do practicum in, and this way I get both!
I think I enjoyed it so much because it involves providing basic comfort. It's not as tightly scheduled and the nurses on the unit were fantastic (I was at St.B.) It's such a warm atmosphere to go to, even though most of the patients will not leave the unit alive. As my facilitator said, I could actually make a difference in my patients' lives, not that I couldn't elsewhere, but it just seemed really meaningful there.

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