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Regional health information networks and the emerging organizational structuresAug 14, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith
Quality, efficiency, and organizational structureAug 14, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith
Recognizing rhetoric in health care policy analysisAug 14, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith
Administrative decision making: a stepwise methodAug 14, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith
Privacy and Public Health at Risk: Public Health Confidentiality in the Digital AgeAug 14, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith
Nurses' perceptions of research utilization in a corporate health care systemAug 14, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith
Who shall live and who shall die? A case study of public engagement in health care planningAug 14, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith
Resistance leadership: the overlooked potential in critical organization and leadership studiesAug 12, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith
Ethics: the evidence of leadershipAug 12, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith
The influence of teamwork culture on physician and nurse resignation rates in hospitalsAug 12, 2008  Lori Giles-Smith

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