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3M's leadership competency model: An internally developed solutionFeb 18, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
Roadmap for success: The 10-step nursing strategic planFeb 1, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
Implementing a health system-wide evidence-based practice educational program to reach nurses with vFeb 1, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
The changing reimbursement landscape: nurses' role in quality and operational excellence.Feb 1, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
Leading complex change in healthcare: 10 lessons learnedFeb 1, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
Nurses' skill level and access to evidence-based practiceFeb 1, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
Nursing Professional Development, Baylor Health Care System, Corporate Office of Chief Nursing OfficFeb 1, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
The relationship between nursing leadership and nurses' job satisfaction in canadian oncology work eJan 26, 2009  Stefania Zimarino
Leadership behaviour of nurse managers in relation to job satisfaction and work climate.Jan 26, 2009  Stefania Zimarino
The role of personal mastery in clinical practice: How personal leadership can transform the workplaJan 26, 2009  Stefania Zimarino

Investigative Verification Snippet
Investigative Verification & Provisional Experimentation Snippet