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Assisting critical care nurses in acquiring leadership skills: Development of a leadership ...Jun 16, 2008  Analyn Cohen Baker
Development of a leadership competency modelJun 16, 2008  Analyn Cohen Baker
Balancing professional and personal satisfaction of nurse managers: Current and future perspectivesApr 13, 2007  Tania Gottschalk
Designing a leadership development program for nurse managers: An evidence-driven approachApr 13, 2007  Tania Gottschalk
Tools for novice health care clinical administratorsApr 13, 2007  Tania Gottschalk
An innovative education program: The peer competency validator modelApr 13, 2007  Tania Gottschalk
Continuing competence in selected health care professionsApr 13, 2007  Tania Gottschalk
Problems in the outcomes of nursing education create challenges for continuing educationApr 13, 2007  Tania Gottschalk
Incorporating geriatrics into baccalaureate nursing curricula: Laying the groundwork with faculty deApr 13, 2007  Tania Gottschalk
Leadership roles, competencies, and education: How prepared are our nurse managers?Apr 13, 2007  Tania Gottschalk

Investigative Verification Snippet
Investigative Verification & Provisional Experimentation Snippet