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Factors influencing stress and job satisfaction of nurses working in psychiatric units: a research rFeb 2, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
Revitalizing the charge nurse role through a bespoke development programmeFeb 2, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
The importance of positive culture in hospitalsFeb 2, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
Promoting leadership and management in Australian general practice nursing: what will it take?Feb 2, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
Clinical leadership: values, beliefs and visionFeb 2, 2010  Stefania Zimarino
Collaborative and interdisciplinary health care teams: Ready or not?Jan 23, 2009  Stefania Zimarino
Mentoring: The retention factor in the acute care setting.Jan 23, 2009  Stefania Zimarino
Enhancing nursing leadership in long term care: A review of the literature.Jan 23, 2009  Stefania Zimarino
Opportunities and strategies for nurse leader development: Assessing competencies.Jan 23, 2009  Stefania Zimarino
Review summaries: Evidence for nursing practice. comprehensive systematic review of evidence on deveJan 23, 2009  Stefania Zimarino

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