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Information Services and Technology
Information Services and Technology

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The intent of this pilot project is to provide inexpensive, portable, Wi-Fi enabled devices through a lending service provided by the Libraries from their Circulation Desks. The devices or "netbooks" are small screen laptops that would provide access to the University of Manitoba wireless network, in particular the Libraries catalogue, BISON, as well as E-mail and other University and Internet resources.

The survey should only take you a couple of minutes to complete.

No personal data will be collected in this survey.


1. Do you presently have a portable laptop computer?

2. If yes, do you regularly bring it to the University?

3. If not, why not?

4. How often do you use a public access computer in U of M Libraries?

5. Have you used a "netbook" computer prior to this?

6. What did you like about this unit? (choose all that apply)

7. What did you not like about this unit? (choose all that apply)

8. Which applications did you use? (choose all that apply)

9. If you checked "Other" in the question above, please identify the application.

10. Would you borrow this unit again?

11. If no, why?

Suggestions to improve this lending service.