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File Name: Jessica Jacobson-Konefallproject.pdf
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The research program I propose has three objectives: 1) to understand how notions of identity and community currently function vis-à-vis what Sherene Razack calls civic “place-images” (2002) in Canada, how these mobilize civic practices and power relations in settler society; 2) to analyze Indigenous new media art practices (video art, digital photographs, multimedia installations) within cities: how civic “place images” interact with Indigenous epistemologies in these works, reorienting prevailing notions of urban space, identity, and community for Indigenous and settler citizens; and 3) to look at public responses to these artworks: the ways in which these artworks allow for the building of new “place-images,” towards decolonized citizenship practices in Canadian cities. My theorizing of cultural production in this context will reflect engagement with Indigenous epistemologies, and will accompany other scholars’ recent attempts (Manning, 2003; Ranciere, 2010) to look at imaginative cultural production towards broadening what it means to be a citizen of the nation. In this, I mean to foreground the significance of Indigenous epistemologies towards contributing to a “reinvention of politics” (Alfred, 2005; Ranciere, 1992), as well as the role of new media in shaping future civic life in Canada.