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Info-RN: a Newsletter for Nurses
Fall 2013

Meeting the Information Needs of Winnipeg's Nurses

From the Editor|

Influenza Virus Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / freedigitalphotos.netThis month is full of  infection prevention awareness. October 15 is Global Hand Washing Day, October 22 is HSC's 17th Annual Bug Day, October 21 - 25 is National Infection Control Week, and all of October is dedicated to Influenza Immunization Awareness (Get the Shot! Not the Flu!).  In this issue of Info-RN you will find online education resources, books, dvds, and journal articles, all on the topic of infection control practices. Find YouTube videos to make your infection control presentation/inservice more dynamic. (E.g. You'll Like Clean Hands" (with apologies to Dr. Seuss),  YouTube video where the University of Manitoba's Dr. John Embil reads a book about hand-cleaning featuring the character Soapy!)  Learn how you can now borrow iPads from the Neil John Maclean Library and how to keep your smart devices clean in the healthcare environment. Also, we highlight Clinical Key, an new online resource available from the Health Sciences Libraries, and provide you with information on how scholarly productivity or research impact is measured. 

Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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University of Manitoba Libraries|

The Health Sciences Libraries support the teaching, research, and patient care activities of the staff and students of the Faculties of Dentistry, Medicine, and the Schools of Dental Hygiene and Medical Rehabilitation.

The Elizabeth Dafoe Library supports the research, study, and teaching requirements of the staff and students of the Faculty of Nursing. Other faculties served by the Elizabeth Dafoe Library include the Faculties of Art, Education, Human Ecology, Physical Education and Recreational Studies, and Social Work.

Working with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, the University of Manitoba provides library services to Winnipeg hospitals and longterm care centres. The Health Sciences Libraries now include the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library (Health Sciences Centre), and the libraries of Concordia, Grace, Seven Oaks, St. BonifaceVictoria, Deer Lodge Centre, Misercordia Health Centre and the virtual library at Riverview Health Centre.

The Health Sciences Libraries and the Elizabeth Dafoe Library offer a wide range of services — including document delivery, literature searches, and training — and provide access to an extensive collection of monographs, journals, videos, and health databases.


Publication Information|

Info-RN is an electronic newsletter of the University of Manitoba Libraries dedicated to informing nurses in Winnipeg of services or resources that will help them access quality health information.  Info-RN is published three times a year by the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Libraries . Comments, questions, or letters to the editor should be addressed to: njm_ref@umanitoba.ca 

Editor: Melissa Raynard, Concordia Hospital Library 
Regular Contributors: Lisa Demczuk, Christine Shaw-Daigle, Lori Giles-Smith, Angela Osterreicher, Andrea Szwajcer, Kerry MacDonald, Laurie Blanchard, Carol Cooke, Mę-Linh Lę.


Featured Books

Books for Infection Control

A practical guide to decontamination in healthcare

Featured DVD/Videos

Infection Control in Healthcare


Infection Control Articles


For Your Patient



From the WHO

5 Moments of Hand Hygiene

Clean your hands:

  1. Before touching a patient.
  2. Before clean/aseptic procedures.
  3. After body fluid exposure/risk.
  4. After touching a patient.
  5. After touching patient surroundings.



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