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1. Do you know that there is a Senior Purchasing Consultant, Research?
If no, go to Question 9 and complete the remainder of the survey.
2. Please name that individual.
3. Have you used the services of this position?
If no, go to Question 8 and complete the remainder of the survey.
4. Was this for a CFI related purchase?
5. At what stage(s) in the process? Check all that apply.
6. What was the most valuable kind of support you received?


     Low                                                                               High

7. Overall, how satisfied are you with the support provided by the Senior Purchasing Consultant position in Purchasing Services?
Please comment on your rating.
8. If you have not used the services, why not?


       Low                                                                             High

9. How confident are you that you know the appropriate procedures for research related purchasing?
Please add comment if desired.


        Low                                                                             High

10. Increased granting agency and federal regulations and accountability requirements underlie purchasing procedures. How knowledgeable do you think you are regarding those regulations/requirements?
Please add comment if desired.
11. What suggestions have you to increase effective support from Purchasing Services?
12. What other feedback have you for Purchasing Services / Research Services?
13. Your department name
14. Your name (optional but appreciated, and required if you would like someone to follow up with you, for example to get more information about this consultant position)