Summer 2007 Enrolment
Posted Friday, August 31, 2007 1:10 PM

Summer 2007 reports now available on the Office of Institutional Analysis website.

Enrolment was relatively stable, showing a slight drop of 1.3% from 9,638 to 9,513 students.  The undergraduate student enrolment of 9,033 in Summer 2007 was 147 students fewer when compared to Summer 2006, representing a drop of 1.6%.

Total credit hours in the 2007 Summer Session, including distance education and faculty administered courses, decreased by 5.0% to 57,411 as c ompared to 60,418 for 2006.

The enrolment and credit hour reports are available at the OIA website, in the 'Current Enrolment Reports' section. 

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