Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the section that you want to add the new document to. Click the "Documents" link in the Tool Bar, then click the "Add a Document" link in the Utility Bar.

The following is a brief description of each field.

1. Title
This is the user-friendly title for the document that users will see. Note that this is not the same as the file name. The actual name of the file will be determined by the file that you select. This is a searchable field.
2. Version Note
Use this field to add a note about the current version so that it is easier to distinguish between different versions when viewing the version history.
3. Search
Checking this option makes the document searchable by the search utility.
4. Activate
Checking this option makes the document immediately visible on the site to other users. Leaving this option unchecked will hide the document from other users.
5. Workflow
If the content will be sent through a workflow so that multiple users will be part of the content creation process, choose the workflow here.
6. File
Click the "Browse..." button to select the file from your computer. This file will be uploaded and stored when you submit the form. The name of the document is searchable.
7. Category
Choose a category from the list provided. These will be the categories that have been added specifically for the section you're in.
8. Description
If you would like to include a description of the file (or any additional information in general), you can do so here. This text will also be searchable when using the Search tool. See the HTML Editor and Submitting Content as HTML help pages for information about HTML content.