The Documents tool is used to store and describe various types of documents and files. Once a document is added, it can be downloaded by any user who has access to the section that the document was added to. Any type of file can be added as a document.

For example, a new section called "Images" might be created, and then multiple GIFs, JPEGs, BMPs, PNGs, etc. could be added as documents within that section. Additionally, if there is a small group of users who have a private section within the application that is related to a group project, the documents tool can be used to upload shared files that might be used by multiple members of the group. Or, if there is a department within a company that has multiple forms in the PDF format, they could be added to the Documents tool for that section so that users can locate all documents quickly and easily.

See the Browsing help file for more information.

For Section Owners or Tool Managers, see the Managing Categories and Managing Documents help sections.