Section Subscriptions are a powerful feature that give you a great deal of customization in terms of accessing information that is important to you, yet allowing you to filter information that you are not immediately interested in. A Section Subscription is a setting that you enable for a given section that allows you to access a specific type of information for that section. You can enable a Section Subscription for any tool (that supports them) and any section (as long as the tool in question has been enabled for the given section).

There are two types of Section Subscriptions:

1. Summary
By enabling this type of Section Subscription for a given tool within a given section, the most current information for that tool within that section will now be included in your personal My UMinfo Summary page (if the tool supports summaries). For example, if you enable the News Section Subscription for Summaries for three different sections, the most recent news for all three sections will appear under the News summary on you personal My UMinfo Summary page. You can do this for as many tools in as many sections as you wish. By enabling these settings, you can now go into My UMinfo and view only the information that you want to see. It's as if you are in a normal section (called "My UMinfo"), but you are seeing all information from all tools and sections that interest you in a single place instead of having to go to each section individually.

Additionally, when you are in My UMinfo, you still have access to all tools. The tools function exactly as they do in a normal section, but now you will see all information from all sections for which you have enabled the Summary Subscriptions. For example, the News tool will contain ALL news from ALL sections that have the News Summary Section enabled. The same applies for all other tools.

2. Instant Email
By enabling this type of Section Subscription for a given tool within a given section, you will be emailed whenever new information is added to that tool for the given section. This is a very powerful feature that allows you to be informed about information as soon as it is added instead of having to periodically login to the system to see if new information has been added or not.
3. Digest
This is similar to Instant Email in that the system will send you all the newest information, but instead of sending a separate email for each new item, nTreePoint will combine all the new information from a single day into one email that will be sent once daily (or on the specific days that you select).

For example, there may be sections for which you want to see the information, but for which you do not need to be informed immediately if there is new information. For these sections, you might want to just enable the Summary Section Subscription and login once in awhile to see if any new information has been added. For other sections, you might want to be notified immediately when new information has been added. For example, the Events tool not only emails you when there is new information added, it also emails you when information is modified or when an event is cancelled. So if an event has been added, but is later updated with a different time or location, you will want to know this as soon as possible.

As a user, you can combine any combination of summary, instant email, and digest subscriptions with any number of sections and any number of tools within those sections. You can create a completely unique view of the information based on your needs and maintain full control over what information is important to you, how you view that information, and how you are notified when new information is added.

See Managing Section Subscriptions to find out how to enable and manage Section Subscriptions for the sections and tools that are important to you.