What is a Cross-Section?

A cross-section is another section that has the right to take its information and make it appear in another section. Out of the five basic tools (News, Events, Links, Documents, and Forums), News and Events are currently the only tools that support cross-sections; however, cross-sections are still managed at the section level so that any future tools that support cross-sections will function properly when added to the system.

Cross-sections and cross-postings are directly related. A cross-posting is the actual information that is made visible in a different section, whereas the cross-section is the section to which the cross-posting is added.

When a cross-section is added to a section, it gives the cross-section explicit cross-posting privileges. This means that if the cross-section cross-posts an event, that event will automatically be visible; otherwise, the section owner or one of the section's Tool Managers would have to explicitly make the cross-posting visible. (For more information on how this is done, see the documentation for the individual tools.)

Managing Cross-Sections