Note: Some installations of the application might not allow users to create their own accounts. If you are not logged into the system and you do not see a "Create Account" button in the Header Bar, the administrator of the application has disabled the feature that allows users to create their own accounts. If this is the case, only the administrator can create new accounts.

To create an account, click the "Create Account" button in the Header Bar. Figure 1 shows the form that you will need to complete in order to create your account.

Creating a new account
Figure 1: Creating a new account

Although it is recommended that you fill out as many fields as possible, only the First Name, Last Name, Email, Login, and Password fields are required. The following is a brief description of each field.

1. First Name
Enter your first name, and any middle names or prefixes you wish to include.
2. Last Name
Enter your last name, as well as any other information you would like to appear after your last name (for example, "M.D." or "Esq.").

Note: If you are ever in a position to add or manage information within the system (for example, if you are posting to the Forums tool or if you own a section and are adding a new event to the Events tool), your first and last name will be used to identify you to other users.

3. Email
Enter your full email address. Be sure to enter it correctly; if you ever forget your password, a new password can be automatically generated for you if you remember your login, but it can only be emailed to the email address associated with your account.
Fields 4-9 are address-related fields. The administrator has the ability to disable the address fields, so if you do not see them, it's only because they have been hidden by the administrator.
4. Address
Suite and/or building number and street.
5. City
City or town in which you live.
6. State/Province
If you are not a Canadian or U.S. resident, leave this field blank; otherwise, select your state or province from the drop-down provided.
7. Country
Select your country from the drop-down list provided.
8. Zip/Postal Code
If you are not a Canadian or U.S. resident, leave this field blank.
9. Phone
If you choose to enter your phone number, you must include the area code.
10. Fax
If you choose to enter your fax number, you must include the area code.
11. Job Title
You can choose to include your job title or a similar piece of information (for example, "Project Leader").
12. Department
You can choose to include the department you work in, the faculty you belong to, or any other similar type of information.
13. Login
This will be how you will login to the system. Your login is case-sensitive. If you enter a login that has already been chosen by an existing user, you will be told to choose another login.
14. Password
Your password must be at least five characters, and is case-sensitive. Your password can contain only letters (either uppercase or lowercase) and numbers. It is recommended that you choose a password that contains letters (in both uppercase and lowercase) as well as numbers; this makes it difficult for your password to be guessed by chance. It is also recommended that you refrain from using any words that might be contained in a dictionary, and that you make your password as long as possible, but short enough that you will not have problems remembering it.
15. Verify Password
Simply re-type your password in this field. This is so that you are sure that you are entering the correct password. If there is a difference between this field and the Password field, you will be informed that your passwords do not match.

After you have entered all the required information and any additional information that you choose to supply, click the "Go" button. If there are any problems with your account information, you will be instructed to make the appropriate changes; otherwise, your account will be added and you will automatically be logged into the system under your new account.