Section settings are accessible by the Section Owner and apply to Web Forms for the entire section. The following fields are accessible:

Note: Items 1-4 are useful for installations of nTreePoint where Web Forms is a hosted tool and offered on a subscription basis. The options allow system administrators to control how Web Forms is used on a customer-by-customer basis.

1. Maximum Forms
The maximum number of forms that can be created within the section.
2. Maximum Questions Per Form
The maximum number of questions that can be added to a form, regardless of the number of pages.
3. Maximum Responses Per Form
The maximum number of responses that can exist for a form at any given time. If this value is exceeded, existing responses will need to be deleted (with the option of exporting the responses before deletion) before additional responses can be submitted.
4. Maximum Total Responses
The maximum number of responses across all forms within the section.
5. Public Form Listing
If checked, end-users will be able to see a list of Web Forms that have been created within the section; otherwise, a message will indicate that form listings are not permitted.
6. Allow Section Owner Access
This option is only visible to nTreePoint Administrators. If left unchecked, the Section Owner will not have access to the Section Options page.