Viewing form submissions in nTreePoint Web Forms can be done in three ways:

1. Listing Responses
This view is used to display multiple form submissions at the same time. The view is a basic tabular view where each submission appears on a row or its own. Each field is displayed within vertical columns with the Short Name of the question used as the column header.

For additional information, see the Listing Responses help file.

2. Response Details
This view shows all the fields and values for a single response. Depending on various settings for the response and for the different questions, different users will see different views of this page.

For additional information, see the Response Details help file.

3. Summary View
This view summarizes all the responses for the Web Form into a single page that shows bar charts and ratios/percentages for different questions. This is especially useful for surveys where you want to compare the frequency of the different options for different questions.

For additional information, see the Summary View help page.