Web Form Linking allows you to make the responses of a Web Form the list values for another question. Whenever a new entry is added, updated, or deleted in the linked form, the values in the question linking to that form are automatically updated. Web Form Linking is available for Radio Button, Checkbox, Single Select, and Multiple Select questions.

Note: The administrator must enable for Form Linking feature before these options will be available to Web Form managers.

If the Link Web Form option is chosen for a list question (instead of a global list or a custom list), there are additional list options that will need to be defined for the question.

The following fields are specific to this question type and give you additional control over the display and behavior of this field:

List Options

1. Section
Choose the section in which the form is located. When the sections changes, this page will be refreshed to show that section's forms in the drop-down list below.
2. Form
Choose the form to link to this question. When the form changes, this page will be refreshed to show the form's questions.
3. Questions
Choose one or more questions to define what will appear as the options. The first column is for any text that will appear before the question value and the third column is for text that will appear after the question value.

For example, let's say that we have an "Employees" form, and we want a single select list of employees in our current form. Three of the fields in the Employees form are First Name, Last Name, and Email. Let's say that we want the caption in the drop-down list to be displayed using this format:

Last Name, First Name (Email)


Doe, John (johndoe@mail.com)

The way we would accomplish this is by choosing the Last Name question as the first question in the list, and we could include a suffix for that question of a comma followed by a space. Then we would choose the First Name question as the second question in the list, and we would include a suffix of a space for that question. Finally, we would choose the Email question as the third question in the list, and we would provide a "(" character as the prefix and a ")" character as the suffix. We can come back to the question at any time and change the order and format for the questions in the list and the prefix and suffix for each question.

4. Cascading Delete
If selected, any time an entry in the linked form is deleted, all entries in the current form will be deleted if their values for this question match the deleted entry in the linked form. This can cause a deletion on one form to delete data in many other forms, so extreme caution should be used when enabling this setting.
5. Auto Linking
If enabled, all values for this question in both listing and detail views will be links that will take you to the details view for the response in the linked form.
6. Custom SQL View
This feature is applicable to administrators only and is used to customize the way form linking works for this question. Direct manipulation of the database is required, so this feature should not be enabled except under special circumstances. Only administrators can see this option, regardless of who is managing the questions for the form.