This help file explains the six main parts of the application interface. Figure 1 shows a screenshot from the application with the six numbered parts.

Parts of the Application Interface
Figure 1: Parts of the Application Interface

The following is a brief description of each part.

1. Header Bar
This is where the user can access utilities that are not specific to any tool or section. From the Header Bar, the user can login, create an account, access the help system, open a print-friendly view of any page, etc.
2. Navigation Bar
This is where the user can navigate up and down the hierarchy of sections within the application. For more information about navigation, see the Navigating from Section to Section help file.
3. Tool Bar
This is where the user will see and access any tools that have been enabled for whichever is the current section that the user in. Additionally, there will always be a "Summary" link at the left-most side of the Tool Bar that, when clicked, will take the user to the default summary view of the current section. If the user is the owner of the current Section, she will see an "Owner" link at the right-most side of the Tool Bar that will allow her to access the Section Owner features of the current section.
4. Utility Bar
This vertical bar will show you any options that are available for either the current tool or utility that is active. For example, if you're in the News tool, you'll see a calendar that allows you to access different dates and different views. If you're the owner of a section and in the "Owner" area, this is where you will see the utilities that are available for you within your section.
5. Content Area
This is the area of the interface where the main content appears. All forms and lists, as well as the main information pages for the various tools, will appear here.
6. Footer
The footer is the same on every page within the application. This is controlled by the Administrator, and usually contains basic copyright, contact, and disclaimer information (although the Administrator can include any information in the footer).