Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the section that you want to add the new link to. Click the "Links" link in the Tool Bar, then click the "Add a Link" link in the Utility Bar.

The following is a brief description of each field.

1. Title
This is how the user will identify the link. A title is much easier for a user to remember than a URL (and is easier to find using the Search tool).
2. Version Note
Use this field to add a note about the current version so that it is easier to distinguish between different versions when viewing the version history.
3. Search
Checking this option makes the link searchable by the search utility.
4. Activate
Checking this option makes the link immediately visible on the site to other users. Leaving this option unchecked will hide the link from other users.
5. Workflow
If the content will be sent through a workflow so that multiple users will be part of the content creation process, choose the workflow here.
6. Category
Choose a category from the list provided. These will be the categories that have been added specifically for the section you're in.
7. Author's First and Last Names
Although most links don't have a published author, if such information for the link you're adding does exist, and is relevant, you can enter that information using these fields.
8. Other Authors
If there is more than one author, you can include all additional names using this field.
9. Publisher
Include the publishing company or institution using this field.
10. URL
You must provide the URL for the link in this field. This will be the location that users will be taken to when they click the link within the application.
11. Description
If you would like to include a description of the link (or any additional information in general), you can do so here. This text will also be searchable when using the Search tool. See the HTML Editor and Submitting Content as HTML help pages for information about HTML content.