Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the section that the news was added to. Click the "News" link in the Tool Bar. Find the news you would like to update and make sure you are viewing the details for the news. In the Utility Bar, click the "Update This News" link.

For information about the fields, see the Add News help file.

The form for updating news is the same as the form for adding news, with the following exception: If you have already provided images when you added the news and you would like to keep those images, you do not need to re-select the images. If you do not provide images, the existing images will remain in place. If you wish to overwrite the images with new ones, simply click the corresponding "Browse..." buttons and select the image from your machine. If you wish to delete the images and not replace them with new ones, check the Delete Current Image checkbox beneath the image in question. Note that if there are images that have been provided for the news, they will be visible to you in the form.