You can show and hide messages by using the Updating Messages form; however, there is another way to quickly show and hide messages. Make sure you are already logged in. If you are Section Owner, a Tool Manager for the Section, or the Administrator, you will see an additional field, labeled "Visible", when listing threads or listing messages within a thread. Figure 1 shows the same screenshot for listing threads as the Listing Threads help page, but with the additional field. Figure 2 shows the same screenshot as the Listing Messages help page, but again, with additional field.

Thread Listing
Figure 1: Thread Listing

Message Listing for a Thread
Figure 2: Message Listing for a Thread

Note that there is another new field in the thread listing labeled "Hidden" that tells you how many messages within each thread are currently hidden.

From either of these listings, you can quickly show and hide threads or messages. If the link is "Yes", the item is currently visible. Clicking this link will hide the item and change the link to "No". Clicking a "No" link makes the item visible and changes the link to "Yes".