RSS event integration allows you to retrieve an XML feed in RSS format for the events in any section of any nTreePoint Events site. This feed can then be used to integratate the events into another application or to have complete control over how the events are displayed on another Web site.

Here is an example:

The following table describes each variable to include in the URL when requesting an RSS feed from an nTreePoint site:

Name Key Description
Type typ The value must be "2" to specify RSS integration.
Event eve If this value is not provided, the script assumes you are requesting a list of upcoming events. If the value is "2", you are requesting a list of events within a specific date range, in which case you will need to provide a start and end date. You can also provide a value for the "cou" key instead of providing start and end dates.
Start Date sta The start date of the date range. This is only required if the Event (eve) is "2".
End Date end The end date of the date range. This is only required if the Event (eve) is "2".
Section ID sec The id of the section from which the events are being extracted. If you are browsing events through the nTreePoint interface, the section ID is the number after "sec=" on the querystring.
Count cou The number of events to display or, if eve=2, then this is the number of days worth of events to retrieve (where the first day is calculated from the current time until 11:59PM of the current day, and all other days include the full 24 hours).

When the RSS feed is generated, the section name will be the title of the feed. The description will be provided as follows: