This utility allows you to display all events from one or more other sections in the current section. Whenever an event is added to the other sections, it will automatically be displayed in the current section. To merge a section, make sure you are already logged in. In the Utility Bar, click the "Merge Sections" link.

The form displays a tree-view of the hierarchy of sections. To browse deeper into the tree, click the name of a section. This will reload the page with the tree opened to that section, exposing all of its subsections. If the name of a section is not a link, then the section does not have any subsections.

Once you have found the section whose events you want to merge with the current section's events, check the radio button beside the section's name and click the "Add" button at the bottom of the page. (Note: If a section does not have a radio button beside its name, then it does not have the Events tool enabled.)

The list at the top of the page shows all sections that have been merged with the current section. To unmerge a section, click the "Delete" link in the appropriate row.

Note: When a section is merged with another section, any additional sections that have been merged with the merged section will also be visible in the current section.

Note: Circular merging is not allowed. For example, if we go into Section A and merge Section B, then we will not be able to go into Section B and merge Section A. Additionally, if Section C is already merged with Section B (which means Section C's events will be displayed in Section A even though there isn't an explicit merge), then we cannot go into Section C and merge Section A either.