Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the appropriate section, then click the "Events" link in the Tool Bar. Click the "List Events Cross-Posted to This Section" link in the Utility Bar. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of events that have been cross-posted to the "Unidigm University" section.

Event Cross-Postings
Figure 1: Event Cross-Postings

Clicking on the title of an event will take you to the details for that event. The "Visible" column of the list shows whether or not the event is visible within the section. If the event is not visible, the value of the column will be "No"; clicking this link will make the event visible. If the event is visible, the value will be "Yes"; clicking this link will then make the event invisible again. If you click the "Delete" link for an event, the cross-posting for that event will be removed altogether.

Note: If there are many items in the list, you can click the heading of each column to sort the list by that column's values.