Use the Cross-Sections utility to make an event that has been added to one section appear in one or more other sections. Make sure you are already logged in. Find the event that you wish to cross-post to another section, and make sure you're viewing the details for the event. In the Utility Bar, click the "Cross-Sections" link. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the Cross-Sections form.

Event Cross-Sections
Figure 1: Event Cross-Sections

The form displays a tree-view of the hierarchy of sections. To browse deeper into the tree, click the name of a section. This will reload the page with the tree opened to that section, exposing all of its subsections. If the name of a section is not a link, then the section does not have any subsections.

Once you have found the section that you want your event to be cross-posted to, check the radio button beside the section's name and click the "Add" button at the bottom of the page. (Note: If a section does not have a radio button beside its name, then it does not have the Events tool enabled.) For our example, let's cross-post the event to the "Unidigm University" and "Current Students" sections. Figure 2 shows what we would see after doing this.

After Cross-Posting the Event
Figure 2: After Cross-Posting the Event

The list at the bottom of the page shows all sections that the event has been cross-posted to. To remove a cross-posting, click the "Delete" link in the appropriate row. The event would no longer be visible within that section. The "Visible" column shows you whether your event is visible within that section or not. For some sections, your event will be visible as soon as you cross-post it. For others, the Section Owner or a Tool Manager for the Events tool for that section will have to authorize your cross-posting before it will be visible. When adding a cross-posting, you can tell if your event will be visible immediately if the name of the section in the section hierarchy appears in bold.

For more information about how Cross-Sections work and how one section is given automatic cross-posting privileges to another, see the Cross-Sections help documents.

For more information about managing events cross-posted from other sections to your section, see the Managing Cross-Posted Events from Other Sections help file.