Navigate to the section that has the events that you're interested in. Click the "Events" link in the Tool Bar. The default screen will be the month view, but if you click the date for a specific day in the calendar, you will get the day view for that day. Alternatively, you can click the "Day" tab in the calendar control in the Utility Bar. Figure 1 shows a screenshot of the day view for Monday, September 3, 2001 for the "Unidigm University" section.

Day view
Figure 1: Day view

If there are events scheduled that do not have a start time (for example, holidays or events that last all day), they will appear at the top of the list beside the "No Time" label. All other events will appear in the time slots in which they occur. To view the details for an event, click its title.

To move back and forth to different days, you can either use the navigation arrows on either side of the current date (printed in large letters above the listing of the day's events) or by clicking a specific date in the calendar control in the Utility Bar. To jump to today's events at any time, click the date beside the "Today" label in that same calendar.