Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the section that the document was added to. Click the "Documents" link in the tool bar. Find the category that the document was added to and click that category's name. In the list of documents that have been added to that category, click the "Update" link for the document that you would like to update. Figure 1 shows the listing of categories within the section and the documents that have been added to a specific category.

Category and Document Listing
Figure 1: Category and Document Listing

For information about the fields, see the Adding a Document help file.

The form for updating a document is the same as the form for adding a document, with the following exception: You do not have to provide a file. If you do not provide a file, the file that was uploaded the last time the document was added or updated will be kept. If you wish to overwrite the current file with a new or updated copy of the file, then you can click the "Browse..." button and select the file from your machine.