Navigate to the section that has the documents that you're interested in. Click the "Documents" link in the Tool Bar. You will see a list of categories that have been added to that section. Since each document is added to a category, you need to click the category that the document was added to. Figure 1 shows the listing of categories and documents for the "Co-op Program" section.

Category and Document Listing
Figure 1: Category and Document Listing

To view a list of documents that have been added to a specific category, click the category's name in the list. Once you have a list of documents, you can do one of three things:

  1. Click the name of the document to view additional details.
  2. Click the "View" link to open the file in your browser. Note that only files that your browser supports will be viewable. For example, GIF and JPEG/JPG files will be viewable. Files with the .PDF extension will be viewable, but only if you have the Adobe Acrobat Viewer installed. Files with .EXE extensions will not be viewable, and will need to be saved instead.
  3. Click the "Save" link to download and save the document to your computer. This will allow you to save the document with the original name that the document had when it was added.